Testimonies of LGBT’s

Danny Silk

Danny Silk

1. A boyfriend of mine had a mother who was openly sexual with many men. On top of that his brother found porn of her laying around. The brother raped my friend at a pretty young age. Though the experience was traumatic for him, and took him nearly 20 years to tell anyone, later in life he was gay for several years. As a child confusion sets in and we feel like we have to live that lifestyle to gain understanding. That was the case of the brother in finding the porn and for my friend in trying to understand why his brother would rape him. Traumas also become a cycle that repeats itself if we don’t deal with the initial hurt. Seeds are planted, and going unchecked, they will grow. He is no longer gay. He realized he never was, but that a painful experience stole his identity. He is now living as his true self.

2. A girlfriend of mine had a bad family situation. Her father was openly addicted to porn and her parents marriage failed. She felt unloved and unprotected. She thought that if she wanted to have a man that she had to act like the women in the pornos. Traumatic experiences can warp your views, especially when you are young and unaware. She vowed to become a pole dancer. She didn’t do so, but she became sexual active with the same type of men her father was. She ended up getting rejected by a few men; she felt worthless and not beautiful. She then turned around and decided to tape down her breasts, and wanted to cut them off. She wanted to be transgender, and was a lesbian for a while. She was trying to escape the abuse that sinful men had wronged her with. She eventually forgave the wrongs and looked for men that lived up to God’s standard. She no longer struggles, and is no longer allowing pain to alter her identity. She is not sexually active and is waiting for God to send her a godly man to marry.

3. A 2nd girlfriend of mine was lesbian for many, many years, because she was sexually abused when she was younger. She has now chosen a life of celibacy and is about the Lords work. She is happy and healed from the pain of the trauma.

4. A 3rd girlfriend of mine was in full throttle lesbian relationships for 6 years. Playing softball in high school and at the college level, she was surrounded by people who were LGBT’s, and straights who approved of LGBT relationships. She grew up in the church and desperately wished she had one person in her life willing the tell her that what she was doing was against God’s will for her life, so that she could find the strength to change. That person never showed up, but at her lowest moment she sought God out and a Pastor told her that LGBT was wrong. She dropped every relationship that day and began surrounding herself with Christians who were practicing and pursuing God’s ways. Years later, she is still going strong, and hasn’t relapsed. She carries a pure and gentle spirit, is dressing like a lady, and beginning to she her beauty for the first time through God’s eyes.

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Medicine may cause

I posted these testimonies as a response to someone on Facebook today. They had never heard of people being gay or lesbian due to traumatic experiences. The media likes to push that people are gay from birth, and while I agree that we are all born in sin and have predispositions to certain sin, being predisposed is not the only way to become homosexual. These 3 friends turned gay from traumatic experiences and have since allow God to heal the wounds of the traumas. After God healed them, they no longer had a longing to be LGBT. 

God is the healer, not the medicine. Medicine helps ease a pain, but then causes a bunch of other ailments and potential death. Healing deals and gets rid of the pain entirely. We can focus on a wound, but unless we go to God we can only find medicines that mask the pain by causing other ailments.

Take every traumatic experience to God for healing. It’ll get rid of a lot of other symptoms in your life.

11 thoughts on “Testimonies of LGBT’s

  1. This is so interesting. I can think of two people that “turned gay,” and I wonder if they were always gay or something happened to make them gay. It’s not really my business; it’s between them and God, but I do seek to understand.


  2. Thank you for this illuminating post. God does not make people gay. The world makes them gay. If they choose to live a gay lifestyle, that is their choice God gives them to make, but He does not condone that, and it will lead to death in life; now will they live up to their full potential.

    As a people of God, we need to understand that love comes first, then sexuality is an expression of that love. The world defines who we love by who we feel sexual toward, and it is really the wrong way of going about things.



  3. Bobby Smith says:

    I like the fact that someone is making it clear that someone who is traumatized may be acting out…but truly isn’t gay because it brings validity to those who were truly born gay (like me). I believe your true sexual orientation will always eventually become dominant in spite of whatever events or pressures of life that divert a person.

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    • I believe that from birth we are given a genetic code that predisposes us toward certain acts. I also believe that, like God, Satan too has a plan for our lives. From birth he has a plan and sticks to it, making it seem like a dominant way, if we do not step back to see God’s way. Choice is the key in what becomes dominant. I’ve met several people who agree, as you, that they were gay from birth, and all of them faced rejection or abandonment from a parent before, at, or shortly after birth. Most of them, missed the love of that parent, and sought to love people of that sex. One was abandoned by their father, and he turned to men to find love. This is easy to confuse, but often we can’t see the underlying cause of our decisions. He never accepted that he would never receive his fathers love, and so continues to have an empty place in his heart that he tries to fill be getting other men to love him. I don’t know what your case is, but you can be close to God either way. God will accept you as you are, and if you ask Him, He will make it all clear to you. He alone knows the depths of our hearts and can lead us along the right path. My advice to any person, in any walk of life, is: just don’t give up on God


  4. hopeinfamily says:

    Thanks’s for this. I also have struggled with same-sex atraction after being bullied in primary school by a class of mostly boys. I now work for true support of those who struggle with SSA or distorted sexuality, particularly though complementary fulfillment in spiritual maternity and paternity.

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