The Price of One Life

This scene should shake us all, as this man looks back on how many people he could’ve saved from the Holocaust. How many people could we save by giving up one dinner, buying used instead of new, giving up a simple want to provide for someone elses need? When we get to heaven and see the full picture, will we look back with this same regret?

The price of one life. I threw away so much money. I didn’t do enough. This car could have saved 10 people. This pen, 2 people.

Consider giving up one meal this month, and donating the cost to My friend Jacob started this non-profit in 2011 after a heart-wrenching divorce. He felt the pull of God, and left everything to go build water wells for those in need. He has successfully given clean water to over 38,451 people.

He keeps finding villages in need, who have little water that is polluted, and often also treated as a bathroom. He gives sanitation and well maintenance training to each village. These wells not only cut down on deaths due to waterborne diseases, but also sparks economic growth as people can easily access water, hold a job (due to time saved from traveling to their last water source; often miles away by foot), and water crops.

Water282 continues to take situations like this:

water282 water well africa nonprofit

And transform them into situations like this:

water282 water well africa nonprofit

Consider helping by giving $10 in lieu of one evening on the town. At the end of our lives, we don’t want to feel like we didn’t do enough. Consider the price of one life.

3 thoughts on “The Price of One Life

  1. We won’t realize our impact many times until it matters the most, in eternity. People might hear our words at times but they will know we are Christians by what we do, not necessarily what we say. Good words and great reminder.

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  2. towardshumbleservant says:

    Good to know that behind the menacing masks that humanity wore, deep down there s still hope. U know that God is listening to us. U know he is watching. Thank you for your insight! May God guide us to the right path Amen

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  3. The Girl From Jupiter says:

    I was shocked when I first learned of how many people around the globe lack access to clean, fresh water, especially in the 20/20 window. This is a great charity. I hope that lots of people hear of it and open their hearts.

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