The Gift of Prophecy: 4

The only answer to misuse in all areas of church life is not non-use but proper use. Truth is always our best safeguard against deviation.

Scripture shows us not to despise prophecy, but instead to examine carefully and hold on to the good part of the word after weighing it (1 Thessalonians 5:20-21). Prophecy has been in use throughout church history, greater and some centuries than others. Prophecy usually goes into decline when church leaders usurp their authority and try to control what is said and done in the Body of Christ.

There has always been false prophecy along with false teaching, throughout church history. False teaching is wreaking havoc in churches today, so do we now abandon teaching for fear of abuse or misuse? Or do we seek to introduce proper use of accountable teaching as an honor to God? Where there has been abuse, we must work even harder to reclaim the whole ground. Many peoples lives have been damaged by wrong pastoral advice, far more than by the prophetic. There would appear to be few, if any, checks and balances for the role of a pastor in the modern church even though Christ gave us apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers, and pastors to create a system of checks and balances. For every true thing, there is also a counterfeit. There is truthful teaching and truthful prophecy, just as there is false teaching and false prophecy. The counterfeit of anything prove the existence of the authentic.

2 thoughts on “The Gift of Prophecy: 4

  1. I’ve had a 45 year walk of faith. I’ve met people with differing spiritual gifts and been close comrades with some folks very rich in faith. I’ve met people with the gift of pastor/teacher, of giving, of faith and other gifts, but I’ve yet to meet someone who I thought had the gift of prophesy. Perhaps I’ve just missed them or maybe I thought they just had great discernment or wisdom. But just because I’ve not met them doesn’t mean they aren’t around. We really have to examine and evaluate anyone who self proclaims themselves to be a prophet. That might be a warning sign. If you’ve even sat under the teaching of great scholar of the word – it is very evident that they have the gift of teaching. It’s like the words they speak make the scriptures just com alive. And for people like myself (with the gift of service) you can spot those pretty quickly. They are the first to show up to help, and the last ones to leave. Regardless – when a believer is exercising (his or her) spiritual gift, the body of Christ is edified and built up! All parties are blessed!

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    • Amen. I’ve sat under great speaker who could teach a rock, and I’ve had prophets who were not self-proclaimed as such who repeated back to me, verbatim, 1,000 words I thought before getting to that church service. When you run into a true prophet you will know. I’m sorry you haven’t had that opportunity yet 😦


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