Bruce Jenner, You are a Winner

Bruce Jenner: 
  You are a winner. 
You make yourself better,
  By trying to hide your wiener.
But there is more to give to you
  Than beauty, boobs, and balloons;
For, at your birth, I see that you,
  Were always just a man,
Whose dad did not, ever,
  Lend a helping hand.
And in your childhood,
  There was brewing evil things;
And he sew them into your eyes,
  Into mind, and you couldn't get away.
  And so you said that day:
'I don't want to ever be,
  A man that acts like thee.'
And in that vow, you threw away
  All the things I had for thee;
  You saw them as ashes and refuse.
Yet you threw them away,
  And you did choose,
  To become a woman –
Not for you, but to escape him, who,
  Your spirit learned to hate.
And in this thing, you're still not happy;
  How ever could you be?
You missed the very thing,
  That you thought you were escaping.
But it didn't quite work that way;
  There's still pain for the taking.
But I put in you, to be a winner,
  So see me now, and see me clearer.
I Am (the only way)
  To take this heavy stone away.
And when you seek me,
  You will find me;
And to all people,
  You'll cause reminding:
Of the child changed to a woman,
  Who came to me a brewing.
And they will see, I surely say,
  That this stone I rolled away.
  And all the sooner, They will find me.
Please know that you
  Always have my full attention;
  I was always there to listen.
I heard all the pain
  That you had hidden,
  And I come to bring comfort.
Please don't hide, just come accept me;
  For I'm the dad that always knew thee.
And I have great love for you;
  I do not care to reprove.
I only care about your heart;
  For I am the dad that hears.
So speak your worries, and your tears;
  I'll give peace to all your years:
When your dad was not around,
  And when he was, he stole your crown.
You thought you had to fight to please him,
  But my child always believe in:
My greatest love, for you, is here;
  My love won't leave you, or forsake you.
You don't have to try to please me,
  To earn this love beyond believing.
You don't have to do anything for me to love you;
  I'm the dad that never hurts, and will always want you.
I bring hope,
  and I believe in:

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I want you as you are, not as you ought to be. I ❤ this song: Drops In The Ocean