Unconditional Love

People tried to kill me to take away my birthright; they hunted me before I was even born. They mocked, lied, and gossiped about me. They misunderstood me and didn’t try to get to know me for themselves. They called me the devil & a deceiver. They wouldn’t listen to me. They faked listening just so they could spout their venom. They refused me when all evidence was in my favor. Their minds were closed to some scriptures, exalting only the ones that benefited them. They wouldn’t show me love, respect, trust, or patience. They didn’t believe me. They laid traps for me, conspired against me, betrayed me with a kiss. They took what little worldly money I had. They were envious when I received a gift. They tried to make me believe I was something that I wasn’t. People that love my father, like me, falsely accused me of being a drunkard and a glutton when I celebrated at my father’s appointed festivals. They perverted God’s word, using it as an attempt to control me. They told me to leave their town after I helped a man in need. They thought I was loose because I saved a harlot from a death sentence. They cared more about legalities than helping people. They tried to shut me down for teaching a woman, from a different nationality, the truth. They called me a sinner for healing a cripple. They sought to kill me, stole my clothes, and gambled them away. They laughed when they tortured me; they found joy at my pain. They shamed me in front of crowds. They falsely accused me of evil, whipped me til my bones were showing. They killed me the most painful way possible; they showed no sympathy or kindness for me in any way. They offered me nothing when they saw I was hungry and thirsty; wouldn’t give me a place to rest my head while I was a homeless person with a job. They tortured and killed my best friends. They continue to do these things. They killed nearly 200 of my beloved Kenyans this week. The are starting to search the world, yet again, to destroy my lineage and friends. They still listen to those who manipulate my words instead of coming straight to me. They do these things even to the people they love; refusing help, refusing love.

Are you okay with these things? I came to heal the broken hearted and restore relationships. I want you to live at peace with one another. I love you, and no amount of hate towards me, or my creation, will keep me from loving you. I came to destroy evil works, not people. Every time, I responded to you not with what you deserved, but with immeasurable love. I am a loving creator; I will never try to control you. Make your choice and know that my choice will always be to love you. – Jesus


I will always do this for you.

What an example for us. And what an overwhelming, free love.

Love as strong as death. He has overcome death and the grave. He has made us more than overcomers through him. Trials will come but Love never fails.