Christians & Covid Vaccines: a Bible case for it & against it

Christianity is not a one size fits all religion. There are many denominations, interpretations and personal convictions. What is sin for one person is not always sin for another.

For example if a person has been taught and truly believes that it is wrong to raise their hands or use musical instruments in worship, and they do it anyway, then it is sin for them. If later they go back to the Bible and have a change of heart, believing that it is OK to do these things in God’s eyes, it will be no longer be sin to them when they raise their hands or use instruments.

The Bible says, it would have been better for them to have not heard my words, than to have heard them and turned away from them. It also says that a servant who sins in ignorance will not be punished as harshly as one who knows right from wrong and does wrong anyway. it says that we are accountable for what we know. We don’t all know the same things.

Taking this into consideration, I don’t think it’s the right way to act judging other Christians on how they are responding to the Covid vaccinations. The Bible is thousands of pages long and we all have different understandings of it.

That said, let’s look at both sides of this argument:


In WW2, some Germans hid Jews to save their lives. They had to lie to nazi’s about it. Yes, lieing is a sin, but God can see the condition of your heart. He knows when you are doing something that you don’t want to do, in order to fulfill other commands He has given us. This is why God gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit called discernment to help us discern right from wrong. These people were in the crosshairs of their own sin and other peoples sin, having to choose between lying or doing nothing thus allowing the genocide of God’s people to continue. The Bible says there is no greater love than to lay down your life for someone else. These Germans knew that they would be killed if they were found helping Jews.

In 2 Kings 5, Naaman, an enemy army commander, was healed by God and vowed never to serve any other God. But he said, ‘may the Lord forgive me for this one thing: When I help the king bow down in the temple of Rimmon’. The prophet Elisha, who God healed him through replied, “Go in peace”. God gave Naaman the green light to continue his job despite having to do something that was against God’s will, and that he didn’t want to do.

In Daniel chapter 1, Daniel didn’t want to eat things that God had told him not to eat. He asked the guard to let him eat vegetables instead. The guard said if you look unhealthy the king will kill me, but allowed a 10 day test. It worked in Daniels favor, but Daniel was willing to lay down what God had told him if it didn’t work, so that he could fulfill another one of God’s commands to serve his master well.

If the company you work for is on the chopping block by the government, like the guard was by the king, then maybe as a good servant you should make an appeal and if it doesn’t work out, then lay down your desires. God sees your heart.

Ps. 139 says, ‘you knit me together in my mother’s womb. You saw my unformed body; you planned all my days before one came to be.’

A fetus is a human and killing it is murder. If we know aborted cells are used in the vaccine then we are accountable for it. If it bothers you then you need to avoid nearly all vaccines for yourself and your kids and give up plenty of food and drinks that use them for testing as well.

Rom. 8:28 says, “God works all things for good.” Clearly He didn’t want an unborn baby to be murdered, but he has allowed good to come from it by creating medicine to protect future babies… (if you think vaccines and medicine are good)

If I was a fetus and knew my life could save others, then I would willingly give it. Who knows if God asked the child if it was willing to sacrifice its life for others. This could be likened to Jesus who was murdered, but willingly allowed it for our salvation. We partake of Jesus’s blood and flesh to this day.

Think of it in another way: If your ancestor made millions of dollars illegally, should the person who inherits it throw that money away? What if the inheritor uses the money for good? We acknowledge that the means of the financial gain was sinful and then we use the money for good. Murdering babies is bad. It happened decades ago. People using the replicates cells are trying to do good things with them.


The Bible’s Greek translation of ‘sorcery’ is ‘pharmakeia’ which is where we get our modern word ‘pharmacy’. The idea of medicine being sorcery is becoming a lot more apparent these days, as Fauci has been found funding research on how to amplify the emotion of fear, and also gain of function a.k.a. transforming a coronavirus originating in bats to more effectively attack humans. Earlier in the 1900s a polio vaccine was created which used monkey cell lines, which were later found to have a carcinogen virus, which can now be found in human cancer. The verses about God being our healer seem a lot more important as we see how man’s attempt to heal is at times causing long-term deadly side effects. Modified RNA and recombinant DNA often use cell lines from multiple sources, such as animals or aborted babies, to create things that don’t exist naturally in the God created genome. Some of these cell lines are very old or even immortalized, yet parts of the Bible say to not go near anything dead and that our years would be limited to 120. Even though the cell lines used from the aborted children have been duplicated for decades, how else will it stop unless people stand against it. It is proven that PlannedParenthood has sold aborted children in the recent past. Since the polio monkey virus incident, scientists have tried to make more pure cell lines to use however mankind is not all knowing. The second most used cell line in America is from a fetus aborted for ‘psychiatric reasons’, and surprise, we have a rise in mental illness in our country. Maybe we should go back to holistic, natural, God created medicine, instead of passing down side effects of generational illness?

Who is to say that the Mark of the beast is not a genetic marker? One of the signs of the Mark of the beast is that we will not be able to buy or sell without it, and right now in some places you cannot hold a job, go out in public, shop or travel without getting the vaccine. Agreeing to be forced to get a vaccine is like rolling over to usher in an age where everyone is conditioned to be ok with future medical mandates, preparing the way for the future mark of the beast.

While the Bible says to look out for the interests of others, that can be done through wearing a mask and isolating when sick, instead of being forced to get an experimental vaccine.

While the Bible says to obey the government as long as it’s not sin, our rightful leader is the constitution, not a president going against the constitution. I truly doubt God would want us to give up the freedoms that our forefathers fought for, and that he blessed us with, to bring us out from under tyranny.

Lastly, the first words God ever said to man was ‘go forth and multiply’ a.k.a. have children. He also gives us the gift of wisdom, with which some people have decided they would rather wait to see the side effects of the vaccine since there are many claims to fertility issues, while the survival rate of Covid is over 98%. The vaccine does not prevent people from getting or spreading the virus, which makes the vaxxed and unvaxxed no different as far as how their choice affects others.


So there is your argument for and against it upon Biblical principles. Pray about it, research it for yourself, and see what God says to you as an individual. If you are facing mandatory vaccination under threat of losing your job, I am so sorry and pray God’s provision and direction for you in whichever way he has to go.