Jesus is love. He is patience. He is kindness, goodness, and faithfulness. He is justice and righteousness. He does not exalt himself; He is not prideful. He is a servant, and his reign will last forever. He is peace. He is joy. He is gladness. He is heaven. He is comfort and encouragement. Apart from him there is nothing. He is holy. He alone is worthy. He endures forever. He never fails.

My beloved is radient; His face shines brighter than the sun. His voice is glory and strength, with more might than thunder, earthquakes, and tornados. With a single word, all of space was made. He speaks things into existence and the whole story is held in the same word. He is magnificent. He is knowledge. He is wisdom. He is help, health, power, and protection. He is honor. He is every good and perfect gift. He is steadfast and true, and he does not change. He is perfection.