5 thoughts on “Assisted Suicide

  1. Thank you for presenting this well researched, logical and scriptural argument against assisted suicide. It is important to know God’s view so we are not swayed by the influence of the times. That said, unless one is facing the situation head on, it is easy to proclaim something is wrong. Watching a loved one die slowly is horrible. We must be careful any moral statement we present is done with compassion. I pray I don’t have to face this again.

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    • I’m sorry for your loss. I’ve been in so much pain that I would rather have died, much like Saul. Sickness is extremely debilitating, and in no way do I want to minimize that.

      In the case of Saul, he was in his situation because he disobeyed God and fell away from Him. God wants to give us as many chances to repent as possible. Our lifes on earth are brief–but a moment in light of eternity. The Bible presents that it is better a moment of suffering to bring a person to repentance than to grant them that moment of comfort just to turn around and face an eternity of suffering without God. In this sense, it is the most compassionate thing to do to let a person realize their fate and come to their final conclusions about life. Giving them every opportunity to get right with God.

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      • Yes, well said. Repentance is always the goal. Me too re: pain. So awful! Just this week I was shown that suicide is actually the spirit of murder. Just murdering oneself. No different. It helped me settle the issue that as a believer, it’s unscriptural for me. Thanks again for tackling a tough issue.

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  2. Good read. I actually wrote a book on suicide called, Suicide: The Bible and Today. I admittedly take a different view in that I believe the Amalekite actually lied and found Saul dead and thought to endear himself to David by claiming to have finished Saul off. I do look at Abimelech’s suicide as an assisted suicide.

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